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MPB was created in November 1989 in Durango (Bizkaia).

The group is formed by the following: Diego (voice), Javi (guitar), Markos (guitar), Alberto (bass) and Lolo (drums). Were with us (Mikel Giss 1989-96, Biti 1989-94 y Txululu 1989-92). Many styles are present in our recordings, especially Punk-rock, Ska, Reggae and Hardcore and apart from a change in voice and bass in 1996, we remain the same people in the group from the beginning.


All the material we have published has been produced by ourselves and distributed out of the usual commercial ways thanks to the help of alternative distributors, groups and establishments.


We have never taken self-production as a resource to give our first steps in the world of music. For us it has always been an objective we wanted to reach: to be able to produce our own works, to manage distribution, to decide questions related to concerts, amount of copies to put on sale, the price our works would have… in a word, to manage our own work ourselves.


All this has supposed we have had to face difficulties such as the fact that we have passed inadvertently for many means of diffusion, it has been complicated to reach some stages, and our work has been distributed in a limited way due to the lack of support from a manager or a record company. We are aware of this. Nevertheless, it has been pleasant to self-produce our work and that makes us forget in a way the difficulties we have gone through.


All in all, we have published a layout and 4 CDs during the sixteen years we have been together; we have given around 200 concerts and have organized 5 tours: two of them in Portugal and the other three in Galicia, Cataluña and Castilla. We try not to fall in the mercantilist machinery that governs the world of music and proclaim by means of our music and our band itself that a different way of acting is possible.


And this is just the beginning. Our history will carry on…